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Welcome to your home gym.

We are an ecosystem that houses community, whole-self wellness, and audacious fitness offerings.

Booty Babez Classes
(50 min)

Booty Babez are our strength oriented, glute focused classes! Think soul pounding music, ambient lighting and your cheeks feeling toasted🔥These workouts are perfect for both our lovely beginners and our advanced Babez. If you are a someone who loves a good lower body lift and is looking for a space that feels like home, this class is for you!


Flex Training (40 min)

Flex is perfect for those who love the attentiveness of a personal training session, though enjoy a bit of camaraderie! With this training style we start 2 people every 10 minutes, hitting 4 workout blocks total.Think short but spicy. These are 40 min sessions. And the best part? Our session format is designed for you to bring your bestie 👯‍♀️

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